Abstracts approvals

There were 360 abstracts submitted for the different sectors included in the QESymposium.
Below you can see the list of approved abstracts, by sector and type of presentation.
If you have any questions, please write to abstracts@qesymposium.org

You can access the final list of abstracts included in the symposium programme here.

TITLE SECTOR Presentation
Application of a mobile learning technology to the achievement of the SDG goal four and its targets in Ghana – A phenomenological study Education Poster
Engaging students as citizens to inform multijurisdictional decision-making Education Oral
Implementation of training programs as a strategy for the introduction of sustainability Education Poster
Process evaluation of adolescent sexuality education programmes delivered by teachers in schools in sub-Saharan Africa: qualitative systematic review Education Poster
Technology in education: contributions to Brazilian public educational systems Education Oral
The empowerment of civil society in the water management as a strategy for the 2030 agenda implementation, São Paulo, Brazil Education Oral
The use of a qualitative analysis data-processing tool – “the word tree” – to evaluate opinions about the influence of media in consumption habits Education Oral
Appropriating the common: managing social and environmental conflicts over sand extraction from Lagos Lagoon Environment, including water, sanitation, built environment, climate and ecosystems Oral
Is Recycling Sustainable? The Case of Innovative Business Models of Waste Management in Lebanon Environment, including water, sanitation, built environment, climate and ecosystems Oral
Novel methods for producing and synthesizing qualitative evidence on the SDGs: Thrivability Appraisal applied to a Brazilian and a Canadian case Environment, including water, sanitation, built environment, climate and ecosystems Oral
Once upon a time an environmental master plan: Storytelling method applied to campus sustainability management Environment, including water, sanitation, built environment, climate and ecosystems Oral
Qualitative evidence and governance of protected areas: the participatory process for management plan of the Reserva Experimental Horco Molle (REHM) Environment, including water, sanitation, built environment, climate and ecosystems Poster
Qualitative evidences on climate sensitive vector-borne diseases through the use of handheld computer games by citizen-scientists and policy-makers. Environment, including water, sanitation, built environment, climate and ecosystems Poster
Tracing the dynamics of Gender and social inclusion the WASH SDG project Uganda- the role of Qualitative research Environment, including water, sanitation, built environment, climate and ecosystems Poster
“Discursive accommodation” and political “improvisations”: neoliberalism and policies for women Gender studies Poster
Approaching sexual violence against people with disabilities from a qualitative perspective: how to stand by “nothing of us without us”. Gender studies Oral
Building horizontal canals between citizens and researchers: Promoting the useful of research and use of evidence in teenagers. Lima. Peru. Gender studies Oral
Building public health policies with the participation of women’s social movements: report of management experience in Minas Gerais-Brazil Gender studies Oral
Domestic violence and social norms: attitudes and practices of criminal justice and health workers in Norway and Brazil Gender studies Poster
Qualitative evidence on Gender inequality from women’s perspectives in Africa; a model, rights-based methodology Gender studies Poster
¿How to adapt sexual and reproductive health services to the needs and circumstances of trans people? Health Poster
‘The Outsiders from Within’ – Researcher-Managers’ Collaboration for Facilitating Real-Time Research Uptake for System Strengthening Health Poster
A generic substitution policy in Chile: A qualitative study on the policymaking and implementation process to improve access to medicines Health Oral
Access to surgery in rural Africa – lessons for policymaking from the Medical Licentiate programme in Zambia Health Poster
Action research as a potential tool for health promotion in primary care Health Oral
Actions of protagonism and guarantee of rights in the caps in the Federal District Health Oral
Addressing ‘complexity’ in health systems for sustainable solutions: methodological challenges and opportunities Health Poster
Aedes aegypti control in Latin America and the Caribbean: systematic review, qualitative research and policy dialog with decision-makers and experts Health Oral
An innovative academic-arts partnership to inform universal access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Jordan Health Oral
Community Action for Health -A book that retrieves stories of community mobilization for health in Porto Alegre, Brazil Health Poster
Community Health Workers feelings on Digital Health Health Poster
Ethnographic research in the production of qualitative evidences for health actions and social reintegration of homeless Health Poster
Evaluating a Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation Activity in the Philippines: Findings of a Mixed Methods Research on Operation Timbang Plus Health Poster
Evaluation of factors influencing implementation of public-private partnerships for health system strengthening: the case of a Brazilian partnership Health Oral
Exploring Mentoring as a Novel Strategy to Support implementation of National Nutrition Policies through Multi-sectoral Coordination in Tanzania Health Poster
Factors influencing the decision to give birth in a health facility in Nigeria: a qualitative evidence synthesis Health Poster
Factors influencing the implementation of Global Polio Eradication Initiative in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: a qualitative evidence synthesis Health Poster
Foregrounding Social Determinants of Health and Agenda 2030 in the public sphere: towards an evidence-based journalism Health Oral
Growing qualitative evidence synthesis (QES) research competency and leadership in the ‘global South’: Lessons from South Africa Health Oral
Harmonious Home-to-Hospital Care for Sick Newborns: How Amhara Is Moving from Community Voice to Systems-Level Change for Septic Newborns Health Oral
Health Impact Assessment in the city as a tool to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals Health Poster
Health Solutions Fair: One Health in the Healthy and Sustainable Territory Health Oral
Health system barriers and facilitators for the implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines in Colombia: a qualitative study Health Poster
Identifying corrupt practices worth engaging: An application of the Nominal Group technique. Health Oral
Identifying partners for eliminating absenteeism of health workers in primary healthcare facilities in Nigeria: an application of an outcome mapping Health Poster
Identifying values in the health policy decision-making processes about health-system financing in Latin America: A critical interpretive synthesis Health Oral
Indigenous community participation in health in Chile: Tensions between autonomy and regulation Health Poster
Inequalities in the prevention and response to sexual violence against Venezuelan immigrants women and girls in Colombia: a qualitative analysis Health Poster
Institutional strengthening in the use of evidence for decision-making in maternal health Health Oral
Lessons learnt from the introduction of a demonstration rapid synthesis project in South Africa Health Poster
Making Kangaroo Mother Care Stick: Qualitative Research and Collaborative Cross-Section Strategies Guide KMC Implementation at Government Facilities Health Oral
Masculinities and road risk Health Poster
Maternal Mortality Committee and Public Prosecution of Pernambuco: a partnership to face maternal mortality looking for the UN – SDG. Health Poster
Methodological Guideline for Policy Brief for Health– Experience of the Brazilian Ministry of Health Health Oral
Monitoring progress toward SDG 3: the impact of coping with healthcare costs on families with chronic illness in Zimbabwe Health Poster
Motivations, thoughts, and feelings associated with the suicidal ideation among Brazilian adolescents: qualitative evidence synthesis. Health Poster
National stakeholders’ perceptions and experiences of the role, generation and use of evidence in clinical practice guideline development in South Africa Health Poster
Needs of maternal health monitoring in Mexico to advance towards assessing and reducing health inequalities Health Poster
Social desirability bias in qualitative research: What is it and what can researchers do about it? Health Poster
Overcoming challenges in working across sectors for improving child health: What qualitative evidence can tell us Health Poster
Paramedics, Poetry and Film: Health policy and systems research at the intersection of theory, art and practice Health Oral
Primary care clinical practice guidelines in South Africa: qualitative study exploring perspectives of national guideline developers Health Poster
Promovendo o desenvolvimento sustentável na Atenção Primária a Saúde Health Oral
Qualitative analysis of maternal mortality cases from the perspective of Vulnerabilities and Human Rights as an important tool for health management Health Oral
Qualitative methods to evaluate health programs that work across sectors: Some practical lessons learnt Health Oral
Qualitative research to produce and use evidence. The experience with indigenous communities, researchers and policy stakeholders. Amazon, Peru Health Oral
Quality Criteria for Participatory Action Research Approaches: Key reflections from Researchers and Implementers in Liberia and Nigeria Health Oral
Rapid qualitative explorations to design implementation of Kangaroo Mother Care intervention: experience from Karnataka, India Health Poster
Reframing WHO guidelines through qualitative research: establishing what matters to service users Health Oral
The Alcohol Use Experience Narrated by Patients with Violence-Related Injuries in Moshi, Tanzania Health Poster
The Analysis in group method: a methodological innovation for using qualitative evidence in health policies and practices: the example of Burkina Faso Health Oral
The effectiveness of community score card approach in improving HIV/AIDS Service delivery for sustainable development: Experiences of three districts Health Oral
The indigenous voices and the contexts of production of the indigenous health policy in Brazil: contributions of a historical approach Health Oral
The interconnection between health, gender and climatic change: First critical step in order to understand Zika epidemic and its relation with sexual Health Oral
The use of qualitative evidences in the evaluation reports of CONITEC for recommendations of incorporation of health care equipment Health Poster
Understanding the Role of Values in Health Policy Decision-Making Processes About Health-System Financing in Chile and Colombia: A Discourse Analysis Health Oral
Using 3D Qualitative Geospatial Data for Decision Making in for Maternal and Child Health Through Performance Based Financing in Cameroon Health Poster
Using findings from qualitative evidence syntheses to inform WHO guidelines: a case study of digital targeted client communication Health Oral
Using qualitative data to inform participatory planning tools for health interventions in LMICs: A case study of Neglected Tropical Diseases, Nigeria Health Oral
Using Qualitative Evidence in Global Policymaking for Maternal and Child Health Programs: Developing the WHO’s OptimizeMNH Guidelines Health Oral
Using qualitative evidence to inform choices to best practices including the humanization of public health action, encourage participation and guide Health Poster
Using qualitative methods to assess capacity to deliver anaesthesia care: uncovering the invisible for national health planning Health Oral
Using qualitative research to enhance life by improving the standards of medication use: the case of Centro de Estudos em Atenção Farmacêutica, Belo Horizonte Health Oral
Using qualitative research to inform policy options to enhance decision-making for local health services in the decentralized Philippine health system Health Oral
Utilizing qualitative evidence to enhance community engagement and influence policy change for neglected tropical diseases programme in Nigeria Health Oral
Where are women’s pockets? – Advocating for a gendered understanding of universal health coverage through qualitative evidence Health Oral
Analysis of public policy focused on actors about violence by armed conflict and construction of peace in Cauca. 2012-2014 Human rights and peace Oral
Architecture contributions to children and adolescents care in institutional shelters Human rights and peace Oral
How Do We Confront Evidence Synthesis to Decipher Impact Evaluation? Human rights and peace Oral
How do legal and policy frameworks support employment of people with disabilities in Uganda? Findings from a qualitative policy analysis study International development Oral
Using human-centred design to develop innovative solutions to solve poor school enrolment and high dropout among school-aged children in Tanzania International development Oral
Development of Strategies for a Pharmaceutical Company: A Study Case Science, technology & innovation Poster
Innovative ways of using Qualitative Evidence to inform Decision and Policy making process to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Science, technology & innovation Oral
The institutional envelope as a conceptual tool to consider qualitative evidences and inform decisions in the SDG Era Science, technology & innovation Oral
The use of Basic Geometric and Advanced Applications for ASD children Science, technology & innovation Poster
Using qualitative evidence to support guidance and guideline development for Science, Technology and Innovation Systems Science, technology & innovation Poster
‘You better keep silent!’ Using qualitative evidence to explore how social norms shape Ethiopian adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health Social welfare Oral
Civil Society-Academia Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Lessons from Ghana Social welfare Poster
Family Accompaniment Program: A contribution to the agenda of the 17 sustainable development goals of the ONU Social welfare Poster
How do connections between policy architectures of health and social agency tackle (or reproduce) segmentation in access to health care? Social welfare Oral
Perceptions about peer-led strength building program for suicide prevention among young adults-A qualitative study from Karnataka, India Social welfare Poster
Qualitative Study on perspective and practice on AADHAR Social welfare Poster
“So… tell me what you think” – the importance of engaging multiple stakeholders in problem definition and identification of barriers Other Oral
Evidence-informed national development policymaking in the era of SDGs: The case of the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) III Other Oral
Field Building for Qualitative Evidence for Tracking Progress of SDGs in Developing Countries Other Poster
Gender, public policies in agriculture, food security and climate change in sub-saharan africa: Case review of Cameroon. Other Poster
Policy Makers and Decision Making Process regarding SDG’s Other Poster
Sustainability Assessment and Sustainable Development Goals: exploring the qualitative approaches of indicators Other Poster