Oral presentation guidance

Presentation content

The Symposium discussions will focus on using qualitative evidence to inform decisions in the SDG era. In preparing your presentation, please ensure that you cover the following issues:

  • How the study, tool or process described relates to decision making for the SDGs
  • How the qualitative evidence described fed into a decision process or how the tool/s or process that you described support the use of qualitative evidence in decision making
  • [Where relevant ] The impacts of the qualitative evidence or tool/s on the decision process

Presentation format

  • Your oral presentation should be no more than 10 minutes in length – this is approximately 10 slides
  • Following your presentation there will be 5 minutes for discussion
  • The Chair of the session will advise you when you have 3 minutes and 1 minute remaining for your presentation
  • Please disclose all funding sources or potential conflict(s) of interest to the audience before your presentation. Your disclosure(s) should be stated on the second slide of your presentation. We recommend you use either of the following statements:
    • “I have no actual or potential conflict of interest in relation to this presentation.”
    • “I have a [financial interest, arrangement or affiliation] with the following organisation(s) that could be perceived as a direct or indirect conflict of interest in the context or content of this presentation.”

Preparing for the Symposium

  • When you arrive at the Symposium registration desk, you will be directed to the ‘Support Room’ where you will be able to upload your presentation. Please do this as soon as possible after your arrival at the Symposium to ensure that your presentation is available for your session
  • Please don’t forget to bring a copy of your presentation to the event on a USB stick

On the day of your presentation

  • Please come to your assigned session room 10 minutes in advance to fine-tune the session with the session chair and other presenters. The room for your session will be available on the Symposium website here
  • Please note that you will not be able to give your presentation directly from your laptop. Your presentation will needed to be uploaded to the Symposium system in the ‘Support Room’ – see above
  • If you wish to incorporate videos in your presentation, make sure you check that these work at the computers at the venue well beforehand
  • Every room is equipped with a laptop, projector and screen
  • Session chairs will introduce each presenter
  • Session chairs will advise you when you have 3 and 1 minute remaining in your presentation
  • Please be respectful of your fellow presenters and their allocated time by staying within the time allowed for your presentation, and complying with the session chairs if they ask you to wrap up