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All participants from low and middle income countries ( will not be charged a registration fee.

Full registration includes

  • Name badge
  • One ticket to the Symposium Dinner (only if booked during registration)
  • Access to pre-Symposium workshops on 8 October
  • Meeting areas during the Symposium (subject to meeting room availability)
  • Access to all Symposium sessions from 9-11 October
  • Lunch and refreshments on 8 October (pre-Symposium workshops) and 9-11 October (main Symposium)

Please note

Only registered delegates are permitted to attend the Symposium.

If you wish to come to the Symposium Dinner, be sure to indicate this during the registration process.


Any registration amendments and/or cancellations must be notified in writing to the event organizers (


The Organizers make no guarantee nor give any warranty that any particular individual will appear as a speaker or panelist. Registrants, speakers, and guests of the Symposium may be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded throughout the event, including social events. Registrants, speakers, and guests hereby consent to the use of any such images, film or recording by Organizer in the course of normal business operations, including but not limited to incorporation into online material or otherwise used for promotional purposes. Registrants, speakers, and guests may decline the Organizer the right to use such images, film, or other recordings by written notice prior to the event. Furthermore, whilst under no obligation to do so, the Organizer will consider any reasonable request not to use or to stop using a particular image, film, or recording on written request after the event.


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We will not…

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Registration: personal details

Please indicate the country in which you spend the majority of your time

Please provide the number in the following format +(country code) (area code if applicable) (telephone number)

For example: Peter Jones, West Coast University

For example: vegetarian, gluten free, halaal

Confirm registration details

Once you submit your registration details, an email will be sent to the address above to confirm your registration for the Symposium. Participants from high income countries will receive confirmation of registration once they have paid the Symposium registration fee.

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Apply for stipends

Stipend Application

Please note

Applications must be completed in English.
Deadline for applications is 15 July 2019. For any queries, please email


Do you meet the minimum requirement for this bursary?

Involvement in qualitative research and decision making

How have you used or produced qualitative research in the context of decision making? Please provide details and highlight activities you have been involved in.

Your involvement in the Symposium

Have you submitted an abstract or been invited to participate in a specific event or activity?
Please provide the following information:

  • Titles of submitted abstracts and your role within the abstract/workshop
  • Titles of submitted abstracts and your role within the abstract/workshop
  • Titles of specific meetings or event and your role within the event
  • List any other activities planned for the conference which may be of benefit to your organisation

The Stipend Committee will check the status of your abstract submission(s) when the applications are assessed

Benefit to your work and/ or for your institution

Outline how your attendance may benefit you or your institution?

Additional information required

  • All stipend recipients will be required to complete a brief (1 Page) evaluation report of their experience at the Symposium by 30 November 2019 and submit to

Funding request

Please provide an estimated cost in US dollars for attending the Symposium. Indicate for each item the full cost in the first column, and the funding amount you request for this item in the second column. If you need to convert costs in your local currency to US dollars, you should use the online converter:

  • The hotel and registration fee will be paid directly by the Symposium organisers and you do not need to include this in your funding request
  • Reimbursement of visa, insurance, and local transfer costs will require receipts
Full cost in US dollars Amount being requested
Flight (cheapest economy airfare)
Visa costs
Accommodation (max. of 3 nights)
Airport transfers

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