Bey-Marrie Schmidt


Primary care clinical practice guidelines in South Africa: qualitative study exploring perspectives of national guideline developers

Bey-Marrie Schmidt


Social determinants of health in obesity prevention: A qualitative approach

Carolina Santamaría-Ulloa


Reducing Cesarean Section Rates in Brazil: Contributions from a Deliberative Dialogue

Cintia Oliveira


Policy Makers and Decision Making Process regarding SDGs

Debora Mello e Souza


Motivations, thoughts, and feelings associated with the suicidal ideation among Brazilian adolescents: qualitative evidence synthesis

Débora Nascimento


Understanding social inequalities in nursing education: challenges to achieve sustainable development goals

Elen Gandra


Implementation of training programs as a strategy for the introduction of sustainability

Ilka Vercellino


Access to surgery in rural Africa – lessons for policymaking from the Medical Licentiate programme in Zambia

Jakub Gajewski


Community Action for Health – A book that retrieves stories of community mobilization for health in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Kátia Cesa


Experiências and shared meaning of teamwork and interprofessional collaboration among health care professionals in primary health care settings

Mariana Schveitzer


Qualitative evidence and governance of protected areas: the participatory process for management plan of the Reserva Experimental Horco Molle (REHM)

Matteo Tarquini


Synthesizing qualitative research evidence from complex interventions by inductive thematic content analysis using modified in-vivo coding

Olujide Arije


Using 3D Qualitative Geospatial Data for Decision Making in for Maternal and Child Health Through performance Based Financing in Cameroon

Patrick Okwen


Qualitative evidence on Gender inequality from women’s perspectives in Africa; a model, rights-based methodology

Peninah Khisa


Access to water and sanitation by urban and rural groups living in vulnerable situations

Priscila Neves


Domestic violence and social norms: attitudes and practices of criminal justice and health workers in Norway and Brazil

Raquel Miranda


Community Health Workers feelings on Digital Health

Renata David


Family Accompaniment Program: A contribution to the agenda of the 17 sustainable development goals of the ONU